17 must visit places in North East India

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It is said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. But when it comes to the beauty of North East India, it has the ability to mesmerize everybody. Though it is gradually becoming a busy holiday destination, the region has still a lot under wraps. We have listed the twenty must visit places of the region, which might be sometimes overlooked.

1. Mechuka, Arunachal Pradesh

Mechuka Arunachal Pradesh

Known for exotic places like Tawang and Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh has much yet to be explored. Mechuka, an administrative township in the Indo-China border is one such place. Located at 1829 mts above sea level, it is the perfect gateway for peace and serenity. The Siyom River that runs through the valley, Buddhist Gompas (monasteries), open meadows, steep curvy roads and blue mountains make the place a paradise. The 400 years old Samten Yongcha monastery and few other age old statues brings a mystic feeling. The Losar festival celebrated in the first week of February is quite a scene to see. Adventure activities like rafting, angling, trekking and hiking can be fun.

2. Parashuram kunda, Arunachal Pradesh

Parashuram kunda Arunachal

If you have a knack for religious trips, Parashuram Kunda is your place to be. A famous Hindu pilgrimage site, Parashuram Kunda is known for the Makar Sankranti Mela celebrated during the month of January, however it is best to visit during November to February. Parasuram Kund is well connected by road from Tinsukia and Dibrugarh. Take a dip in the holy water of Brahma Kund or savor the scenic beauty of river Lohit.

3. Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro Valley Arunachal Pradesh

Ziro is probably the most beautiful hill station in Arunachal Pradesh. It is located on a beautiful plateau, where, sprawling paddy fields compliment tall pine trees in undulating terrains. Ziro Putu is the highest point which gives you a bird eye view of the entire valley. Ziro is also the gateway to other tourist spots like Kardo Hills (which has a 25×22 ft high Shiva Lingam) Talley Valley and the Talley Wildlife Sanctuary. The Talley Valley offers trekking experience through unpaved roads lined by bamboos, orchids, ferns and rhododendron. Ziro is home to the endangered snow leopard.

4. Tezpur, Assam

Tezpur Assam

If a trip to Assam is in your bucket list, Tezpur should definitely on it. Located in the Sonitpur district, Tezpur is famous for its mythology and natural beauty. The mighty Brahmaputra that flows through the city has created wide river banks which woo everyone. History says thus is the place where Usha (King Baana’s daughter) and Anirudha (Lord Krishna’s grandson) fell in love. The surrounding mountain ranges of Arunachal Pradesh and sprawling tea gardens add on the beauty of the place. Bamuni Hill, Agnigarh, Cole Park, Mahabhairab Temple, Hazara Pukhuri and Bhomoraguri are the major attractions in the city.

5. Majuli, Assam


Majuli needs no introduction. The world’s largest riverine island and a hub of cultural heritage, Majuli welcomes thousands of tourists every year. The Satras established by religious pioneers of Assam- Shankardev and Madhavdev make Majuli a must visit for people having an inclination towards religion and history. It is a birdwatcher’s paradise. The best time to visit is from November to March, as the island is mostly cut off during monsoons. Home-stays are the only options here, hence getting a glance of the rural life here can be quite fascinating.

6. Sibsagar, Assam


Sibsagar is the historical city of Assam and has been the seat of the ruling Ahom dynasty for over 6 centuries. It attracts a considerable chunk of tourists because of the amazing architecture. Literally translating to the “ocean of Shiva”, Sibsagar has a number of temples, palaces and an amphitheater which display profound Ahom influence. Shivadol, Gaurisagar Tank, Joysagar Tank, Rang Ghar, Charaideo, Ahom Museum, Talatal Ghar and Gargaon Palace are major tourist attractions.

7. Mokukchung, Nagaland


Home to the Ao tribe, Mokukchung is said to be the most beautiful district of Nagaland. Hospitable crowd, rich varied culture and delicious dishes- Mokukchung is rapidly becoming a favorite among tourists. The hills surrounding the place are adorned with ferns, rhododendrons and different wild shrubs. Longkhum, a hillock in a distance of about 5 kms from Mokukchung is a paradise for nature lovers. It is also known for its ethnic handloom and handicraft collection.

8. Mon, Nagaland

Mon Nagaland

Mon in an ancient place, famed for warriors with tattooed faces. It is inhabited by the Konyaks tribe, who call themselves to be the descendents of Noah. Longwa, the biggest village of the Mon district share its border with Myanmar. The chief’s house, where he resides with his 60 wives is a major tourist attraction. Here, houses are decorated with the skulls of different animals. Shangnyu Village, Veda Peak and Chui Village are some of the other attractions.

9. Dzukou Valley, Nagaland

Dzukou Valley Nagaland

Situated in a distance of 50 kms from the capital city of Kohima, Dzukou Valley is an adventure enthusiast’s paradise. It is situated on a height of 2438 m above the sea level and is the best trekking circuit in India. An unexplored land covered in layer of flowers of multiple hues of wild flowers, Dzukou valley is sprawled with them in the spring time. The valley is dotted with many ravines and streams.

10. Mawsynram, Meghalaya


Meghalaya has always been widely known for places like Shillong and Cherrapunji. But the next time you are here, make it a point to visit Mawsynram. The wettest place in earth, Mawsynram is in a distance of about 16kms from Cherrapunji and is well connected through road. This place receives rainfall every day, throughout the year. Isn’t that weirdly amazing! Do remember to carry the necessary preventive measures like umbrellas and rain coats to stay safe.

11. Mawlynlong, Meghalaya


Mawlynlong is the cleanest village in Asia. Hibiscus fence, bamboo baskets (used as dustbins) and gush of fresh clean air greets tourists as they enter the village. This hamlet houses only around 90 families has no evidence of any modern setup. The main attraction here is the living Root Bridge in Riwai, a 20 min walk from the village. The locales here make a living out of tourism and have gone ahead to mould the village in an attractive way to boost tourism. The two churches here add serenity to the environment. The Machan built right on top of the tallest trees give a panoramic view of the entire village.

12. Dawki, Meghalaya

Dawki Meghalaya

It is a small town located on the Indo-Bangladesh border, almost a day’s journey from Mawlynlong. The major attraction here is the majestic Dawki river, also known as the Umngot river. Believe it or not, the water in the lake is so clear that one can actually see through its surface and the boats seem like floating in the air. Bangladesh is just 2 kms from here and one can actually see the boundary from the suspension bridge over the river. The Umngot helds a boat race in March-April, and seeing boats gliding through this green water body is quite a sight.

13. Serchip, Mizoram

Serchip Mizoram

It is a narrow valley located between the Mat and the Tuikam rivers and shares an international boundary with Myanmar. It has the highest waterfall in the state and houses the 8th highest mountain range of the world. Serchip is home to a number of endangered flora and fauna, but the undulating beauty of the region is the main reason of tourist attraction. However, other spots like the Vantawng Waterfalls, Zoluti Hriatrengna Lung, Chhingpuii Thlan and the Thenzawl Deer Park are also beautiful. Thenzawl houses a Mizo handloom house also attracts lot of tourists.

14. Phawngpui, Mizoram

Phawngpui Mizoram

Also known as the Blue Mountain, Phawngpui is the highest mountain peak in the Lushai hills of Mizoram. It is a highly revered peak, considered to be the abode of local deities. The mountain is mostly covered with green meadows and matted bamboo plantations and has been converted into a National Park in 1992. However it remains open only from November to April. The Farpak area in Phawngpui is a huge grassland where one can sight different birds like Peregrine Falcon, Blyth’s tragopan, Sibia etc. The clouded leopard has also been recorded here.

15. Moirang, Manipur

Moirang Manipur

Moirang is a historical place in Manipur, where Netaji Subahs Chandra Boss hoisted the first flag of Indian independence in 1943. Located in the Bishnupur district, Moirang has a rich culture and heritage. The museum here is the main tourist attraction. The local Metei tribe who celebrate their folk festival, which is undoubtedly a one-time experience. One can see unique shows put up by the village dancers, dressed up like gypsies in their ethnic wear and performing the Khamba-Thoibi dance.

16. Loktak Lake, Manipur

Loktak Lake Manipur

Loktak is the largest fresh water lake of north east India, also called the Floating Lake, because various heterogeneous bodies of vegetation, soil and organic matters float on the water surface, at various stage of decomposition. They occupy about two third area of the lake.

17. Zuluk, Sikkim

Zuluk Sikkim

Touching a towering height of 10,000ft, Zuluk is one of the least discovered destinations in the entire of Sikkim. Located on the ancient ‘Silk Route’, this quaint village is a vintage point to enjoy panoramic views of the Mt Kanchenjunga. In addition to the magical beauty of this hamlet, it is also popular among the adventurous tourists as the ride to Zuluk has 32 hair-pin bends.


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