20 Places to see / Things to do in Guwahati

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Guwahati, Gateway to the Northeast has several tourist places to see and visit. From Temples to Water Parks, Guwahati has everything to see and do for families, kids, couples and travelers. Here we have listed some of the best tourist places to visit, things to do in and around Guwahati. Though everything cannot be covered in a single day, it is recommended to plan your trip so that you can enjoy all the places in 2 days. For local Guwahati city tour, car rental enquiry, contact us for best rates.

  1. Enjoy river cruise on mighty Brahmaputra

    Watching the majestic sun set over the Brahmaputra from the upper deck of Alfresco Grand is a pure delight and not to be missed. You can enjoy a relaxing sunset cruise in the evening or enjoy a sumptuous dinner cruise at night. Sunset cruise starts at 5:30 PM and Dinner cruise starts at 8PM. Call / Whatsapp +91 94011 00666 for bookings/enquiries. Read more on Brahmaputra River Cruises
    Alfresco Sunset River Cruise

  2. Take Blessings of Maa Kamakhya Temple

    A lovely twenty minutes drive from the city center up the steep curves of the atop Nilachal Hills takes one to Maa Kamakhya temple. The entire temple complex comprises of many other temples and residence to people associated with the daily activities of the temple. A visit to Kamakhya temple is an inward journey of self that not only gives peace of mind but also cleanses inner self. Read more on Kamakhya Temple

  3. Visit Peacock Island of Umananda Temple

    The mighty river Brahmaputra harbors many small islands in its fold. One of the smallest inhabited riverine island in the world is the peacock island of Umananda Temple. A shiva temple is located here. The mountain on which this temple has been built is known as Bhasmacala. Country boats on the bank of Brahmaputra ply visitors to and fro the island. Read more on Umananda Temple

  4. Visit Doul Govinda Temple at North Guwahati

    One of the most revered and famous temples of Assam, Doul Govinda Mandir, is situated at North Guwahati on the banks of Brahmaputra. The main deity of the temple is Lord Krishna along with a Namghar within the same premises. The serene and calm environment of the temple attracts thousands of devotees everyday, who come here to offer their prayers and seek inner peace. Read more on Doul Govinda Temple

  5. Enjoy daily Prasadam at ISKCON Temple

    The temple is not as opulent as other ISKCON temples across the globe, but the feeling of peacefulness in immense. The idols are as beautiful as one can find in any ISKCON temple. The pristine white exterior of the marble-floored Temple makes it a landmark of the locality. There are idols of Lord Krishna and his consort, both dressed in beautiful attires. The focal point of this temple is a single set of idols of Krishna & Subhadra. The view from the platform behind the temple is lovely; it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city at sunset. There are also well maintained gardens inside the premises along with a children’s park for the Matrimandir, an Orphanage nearby. There is a flight of stairs leading to the temple. Read more on ISKCON Temple

  6. Navagraha Temple

    Located on the top of Chitrasal Hill (or Navagraha Hill), housed in a red beehive shaped dome, the Navagraha Temple in Guwahati is an ancient seat of astrology and astronomy. Built by Ahom King Rajeswar Singha in the late 18th century, there are nine Shivalingams in the temple, each representing the nine Celestial bodies and covered with a colored garment symbolic of each of the celestial bodies, with a Shivaligam in the centre symbolising the Sun. It is also known as the ‘Abode of Surya’. Read more on Navagraha Temple

  7. Enrich your knowledge at Regional Science Center

    The Regional Science Museum, situated at Khanapara is one of the most important educational facilities in the state, designed to enlighten, educate and entertain visitors with the history and future of science and technology. Established in 1994, the museum has interactive exhibits on science education and pre-historic life along with activity driven non-formal science education exhibits for all spectrum of population. Read more on Regional Science Museum

  8. Basistha Temple

    One of the most recognized tourist place of Assam is the Basistha Temple, also known as Basistha Ashram located at Beltola area (south-east) in Guwahati. It is one of the famous and historical temple located on the bank of the river Basistha. The natural and scenic beauty of the upstream of the river is a prime attraction of the Ashram, that brings in large number of visitors. It is a very old Shiva temple, the history of which dates back to the Vedic period. During Shiv Ratri this temple is abuzz with pilgrims. Read more on Basistha Temple

  9. Relive history at Assam State Museum

    Located in the picturesque Dighalipukhuri area, the Assam State Museum is one of the biggest multipurpose museum and boasts of one of the richest repositories of antiques and art objects in the country. Established in 1940 by the Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti (Assam Research Society), the Museum is the oldest institution of its kind in Northeast India. Read more on Assam State Museum

  10. Experience History and Art at Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra

    Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra is a cultural institution situated in the Panjabari area of Guwahati, Assam. It is an impressive display of the various diverse culture and life of the people of Assam, of the glorious past and history of the region. Named after Srimanta Sankaradeva, one of the greatest epitome of integrity of the Indian society of the fifteenth century and unifier of Assam. Read more on Srimanta Sankaradev Kalakshetra

  11. Tirupati Sri Balaji Temple

    Balaji Temple is a magnificent temple located at Lokhra, Guwahati sprawling over two acres of land. It is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara and is a holy shrine for the pilgrims from the north-east. The sanctums of Lord Ganesh, Lord Balaji and Goddess Durga can also be found there. Read more on Balaji Temple

  12. See wildlife at Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden

    Located on the outer fringes of the busy Guwahati city, the Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden also popularly known as Guwahati Zoo, is the largest and oldest Zoo in the North-Easter region. The zoo is spread across a massive area of more than 400 acres of lush green hills within the Hengrabari Reserved Forest. It is home to more than 800 animals, birds and reptiles representing almost 113 species of animals and birds from around the world both indigenous and exotic. Read more on Assam State Zoo

  13. Explore space at Guwahati Planetarium

    Guwahati Planetarium is a astronomical research center that blends art, science, fantasy and fun. The largest and most technologically advanced planetarium in the Northeast, Guwahati Planetarium features regular educational and entertaining multimedia shows on astronomy and space science. Since its opening, the Planetarium has provided unique experiences and enhanced perceptions of the wonders of the Universe. Read more on Guwahati Planetarium

  14. Enjoy a boat ride at Chandubi Lake

    Chandubi Lake is a natural lake near Guwahati, at a distance of about 64 kms and easily connected by National Highway 37 on way to Goalpara. Located at the foot of Garo hills surrounded by both Assam and Meghalaya, the lake is calm and peaceful, covered by deep forest, undulating tea garden, a fast flowing mountain river, serene and small villages. Fishing and boating facilities are available here. Read more on Chandubi Lake

  15. Dipor Beel

    Dipor Bil, a permanent freshwater lake, is a former channel of Brahmaputra river; situated on the Southern bank of the river and to the south – west of Guwahati city. It is one of the largest wetland in the Brahmaputra valley. Also called Deepor Beel, the lake offers tremendous tourism prospects endowed with a rich fauna and spectacular scenery. Read more on Deepor Beel

  16. Visit Saraighat Bridge – Gateway to the Northeast

    Saraighat Bridge, built with a vision to connect the Northeastern region with rest of India, is the first rail-cum-road bridge constructed over the Brahmaputra River in Guwahati. The Saraighat Bridge is the reason why Guwahati is said to be the Gateway to the Northeast. It was the first bridge built over the river Brahmaputra. It was opened to traffic in the year 1962 by then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The Lachit Borphukan Park is situated on the south end and Chilarai Park situated on the north end of the bridge. It is a majestic road cum railbridge maintained by the Northeast Frontier (NF) Railway. This bridge in Guwahati has transformed the profile of the region, enhancing the transport network of the state. The bridge has also played a vital role in the economic growth of Assam’s economy. Read more on Saraighat Bridge

  17. Enjoy a day at Accoland Water Park

    A must visit place with family and kids, Accoland is a new water park located about 21 Kms from Guwahati and 2 Kms from Guwahati Airport. The park is equipped with latest and popular water sports activities. It is specially suited for family trips it has sports both for adults and kids. Accoland has giant Water installations from popular kid’s stories like Pied Piper, Pirates, Micky Mouse, Snow white rides. It has the largest water coaster in India including Tornado which has a height of 50ft and Boomerang. It has also a Pirate Ship with multi platform water play system featuring tilting bucket and is popular with both adults and kids.

  18. Dine at Greenwood Resort

    Located on the outskirts of Guwahati, Greenwood Resort is the perfect place to spend the day away from busy city life and spend a peaceful evening or day surrounded by mountains and star studded sky.

  19. Party at Terra Maya

    People wanting to see the nightlight at Guwahati can head to Terra Maya and enjoy a late night partying and drinking. Enjoy chest thumping music and let your hair down at the disco.

  20. Enjoy authentic Assamese cuisine at Khorika

    After a hectic day visiting all the tourist places in Guwahati, book the evening at Khorika, a Assamese Restaurant and enjoy authentic Assamese cuisines.


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