7 less known gateways / tourist places in Assam

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A proud sister of the seven, Assam is definitely as one of the most beautiful states in India. The land through which the mighty Brahmaputra flows, which adorns the majestic one horned rhinoceros, the land identified for its sprawling tea gardens, Assam can definitely boast of promising the tourists a gala time. Assam has been in the good books of poets, romantics and photographers since ages for its abundant wildlife, exotic culture and traditions, beautiful satras and riverine. The river valley leaves one wondering, often coercing you to explore the unexplored. Here, we bring to you few less famous places of Assam which will leave you awed for certain.


Umananda Temple Guwahati Shivratri

The smallest river inland in Asia, Umananda is a mystery on its own. Located in the heart of Guwahati, the island is a must visit for anyone whose soul look for tranquility. Just a ferry ride away from the ghats of Pan Bazaar, Fancy Bazaar and Uzaan Bazaar, Umananda is the probably the best place to savor the serenity of the mighty Brahmaputra. These ferries are available from dawn to dusk, and charges Rs. 20 per person for the to and fro journey. The huge rocks along the river bank and the tinkle of the bells of the Shiva temple are simply divine.
Best time to visit: Early Morning

Borapani (Umimam Lake)

Umium Lake Meghalaya

Photo Credit: Biswajit_Dey (Flickr)

This huge natural lake lies in almost a synchronized symphony along the Guwahati Shillong road and literally translates to “big water” in Assamese. Spread across over almost a hundred acres, it is an hour ride from Guwahati. This lake is an incredibly beautiful place to spend your evenings in. There are several view-points besides the highway, where you can take a moment to savor the beauty. If you have a knack for long drives, Borapani is definitely going to blow your mind.
How to reach: Book Taxi from Guwahati, or by your personal vehicle. Approx travel time – 60 mins


Tezpur Ganesh Mandir
Holidaying is Assam is precisely about making the most of the mighty river and the majestic valleys it makes. Tezpur, a town in a distance of 175 kms from Guwahati, is one of the most beautiful places to visit. The wide sandy banks are no less than the beaches of Goa. The three kilometer long Kolia Bhomora bridge right outside the town is quite sight in itself. The Bishnu Rabha Smiriti Udyan and the Cremation Point are another attraction.

Nameri National Park

Nameri National Park
In a distance of 35 kms from Tezpur lies the Nameri National Park which, shares its boundary with Pakhui Wildlife Sanctuary. If you are an ardent nature lover with a zeal for adventures like water rafting, bird watching and trekking, this is the place you should be. There are many rivers in the park, Jiabharalu being the major tourist attraction. Rafting in the river upto 13kms for 3 hours, and costs Rs 100 per person.


Hajo Assam

A small lazy town in lower Assam, around 24kms from Guwahati, Hazo can be called the pilgrimage hub of the state, culminating three major religions of Hinduism, Islam and Buddhism in it. The Hayagriva Madhav Mandir located in Manikut Hill is a major tourist attraction for both Hindus and Buddhists. Hajo is also famous for the Hajo Powa Mecca Mosque located in the Garurachal Hill. It is the tomb of Pir Giasuddin Auliya, and has been a major tourist hub for Muslims and others alike.

The North Cachar Hills

Mulhoi Church Haflong

Mulhoi Church, Haflong. Photo Credit: panoramio.com

Home to the tribes of Dima and Hasao, this part of Assam is garlanded mountains on all sides. These hills are known for its trinkling waterfalls and streams, lush bamboo forest and undulating hills. The district headquarter is Haflong, from where local trains run to and fro to the capital city of Guwahati.

Very few of us know that Assam is much more than the Kamakhya Temple and the Kariranga. Why not one of those? Invest a week wisely, get a robust view of the less trodden land and make memories of a lifetime. You can always thank us later!


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