Assam Tea Tourism – An aromatic holiday option

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Wake up in the morning with the smell of fresh tea brewing, watch the majestic sun rising over the sprawling tea gardens sipping a cup of tea, perfectly made with tea leaves handpicked from the finest tea gardens, be pampered with paramount attention and service, experience the rich lifestyle with Assam Tea Tourism.

Tea tourism, as the name suggests is a trip dedicated to tea plantation estates and other finer details of it. Like the refreshing cup of morning tea you sip in every morning, such trips allow you to soak yourself in all things natural. Assam, a major tea plantation state offers tea tourism which is a relatively new concept. Dibrugarh in Assam is best known as one of the tea capitals of the world and offers tea tourism in Assam. Lush green tea plantations are accompanied by Chang bungalows and warm service make for the best tea holiday.

Assam tea is derived from a plant species called Camellia sinensis. It is famous for its distinct malty flavour. There are two harvests of tea in a year called first and second flush respectively. The second flush is considered more valuable because of its sweeter taste. The harvest is also called tippy tea because of the golden tip that appears on the tea leaves. Assam tea is a good option to those addicted to coffee and looking for a healthier substitute.

The tea estates in Assam produce almost 1.5 million pounds of tea annually which is about 51% of tea grown in India. The tea industry contributes significantly to the state’s economy and provides employment to 17% of the workers in Assam. Besides the oldest and largest Tea Research Centres at Toklai in Jorhat, Assam is also home to the world’s second largest Tea Auction Centre in Guwahati. These institutions help in marketing the tea grown here in a more efficient way. This has resulted in better monetary returns to the tea estates.

Tea tourism is most favoured in the months from June to September, which are the monsoon months in Assam. July and August, however, are the peak monsoon months. Most of them are hosted by tea estates in Dibrugarh. The local tea pluckers and farm workers play a wonderful and warm host.

A typical trip includes staying in boutique heritage bungalows that offer the rich lifestyle of the colonial tea growing days. There are limited accommodations available for single person as well as on twin sharing basis. The average price for single accommodation is INR 3,000 whereas that for double sharing accommodation is INR 7,000 per night. On such a trip, tourists are offered tea tasting tours where they get to taste different grades of the finest Assam Tea, visit to tea factories where one can learn about the processes involved in tea production, leisurely walks in the tea plantations and interaction with the leave gatherers. Tourists can also enjoy plucking their own leaves.

Assam Tea Garden Plantation

A tea garden and plantation in Assam

A visit to Tea Research Association’s experiment station at Tocklai is also planned along with a visit to the Guwahati Tea Auction Centre, the second largest in the world in terms of volume of exchange.

Tourists can also visit villages to experience the simple yet rich lifestyles of the Indian countryside. When weather conditions permit, scenic boat rides in Asia’s mighty Brahmaputra River are also arranged. Besides all this, there are arrangements for a fun filled tea time elephant trek, too!

From the adjoining gardens, tourists may choose to pluck their own organic produces for an informal cooking lesson from the tea pluckers who offer ethnic cuisine to the visitors.

The best part of these trips is that you don’t feel like you are staying in a hotel. Instead, you are treated like an honoured house guest with personal attention.


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