Doul Govinda Temple – North Guwahati

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One of the most revered and famous temples of Assam, Doul Govinda Mandir, is situated at North Guwahati on the banks of Brahmaputra. The main deity of the temple is Lord Krishna along with a Namghar within the same premises. The serene and calm environment of the temple attracts thousands of devotees everyday, who come here to offer their prayers and seek inner peace.

The activities of the Doul Govinda Temple starts early in the morning, with the opening of the doors at 7AM. The temple is famous for its Holi celebrations during the month of February – March. This festival of color is observed by the local people for five days with various programme and thousands of pilgrims assemble at the Mandir premises during this time. Special Ferry service is also available to the temple from Guwahati to Rajaduar anytime during the day.

In the temple premises you will find some friendly monkeys who wait eagerly for the Prasad and would want a share from you. After visit to the temple one can go sight-seeing in and around North Guwahati. Unlike southern part of the main city, North Guwahati is free from the hustle and bustle of the city life. The atmosphere is very serene and peaceful. The bank of river Brahmaputra is an ideal site for picnic and to spend quiet time in the close vicinity of the mighty river.

The temple of Doul Govinda is open and accessible all the year round, but one can enjoy the ecstasy of a river cruise as well as walking on white sands of the beaches of Brahmaputra, from the month of November to April. Ferries as well as Steamers are available from Fancy Bazaar Ferry Ghat to Rajaduar, which is the fastest and the easiest means to reach the temple. After reaching Rajaduar, It is a five minute walk to the Temple. Trakkers (shared vehicles) are available from Kharguli, as well as from Adabari and Jalukbari. It is easily accessible from Railway Station and Airport by road. If one traverses by road on the way one can enjoy the hospitality of the ‘Dhabas’ by the road side with a huge menu of delicious dishes. Moreover visitors can also experience the local delicacies of Assam in the motel on the way.


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