Festivals of Manipur – Cultural Extravaganza

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The people of Manipur have a rich and diverse culture and love celebrating their wonderful festivals. Some of the popular festivals in Manipur, celebrated by the various tribes are:

Sangai Festival

The main tourism festival of Manipur, rechristened as the Sangai Festival since 2010, is celebrated from 21st to 30th of November every year. The Sangai festival is a cultural extravaganza showcasing the best of Manipuri culture, dance, people, heritage, sports, cuisines, a festival to explore and discover Manipur. The festival has been gaining popularity and significance with each passing year, with support from Manipur Government and organised by the Tourism Department.

Yaoshang (Holi)

Celebrated by Manipur’s Hindu community for five days, starting on full moon day or Phalguna, in February. It features the Thabal Chongba folk dance, where boys and girls hold hands and dance around a circle, signing songs at the same time.This is similar to the Durga Puja festival held in West Bengal at around the same time.

Kut Festival

Celebrated by the Kuki-Chin-Mizo tribe on November 1st every year, in autumn season. It is used to signify the start of the harvesting time, and thank the Almighty for plentiful food,

Gang-Ngai Festival

Celebrated by Kabui Nagas tribe for five days in December or January, it features a variety of singing and dancing , in which everybody joins in, young and old. A great feast is also held.


This is the Manipur New Year, celebrated by all tribes in Manipur during April. During this day, entire village populations climb the nearest hills, as high as they can. This is said to inspire them to reach the heights in their own personal lives.

Kang – The Rath Yatra Of Manipur

Hindus of Manipur celebrate the Kang festival in a big way. The idol of Lord Jagannath is taken in a car or “rath” on a trip around the temple and everybody pulls the “rath” for a short distance.

Ningol Chak-Kouba

This is a social festival, which acts as a family reunion, celebrated by the Meiteis tribe, during which married daughters visit their parental houses with their children and have a wonderful and delicious feast.


This is a lovely festival, full of dance and music celebrated by the Naga tribes to herald the start of the cultivation. Held on 15th of February every year, this festival brings together every member of the Naga tribe.

Chumpha Festival

This is a festival celebrated by mostly women of the Tangkhul Nagas tribe. It is held during the time of harvest and is accompanied by scenes of great joy and jubilation.


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