Goa – 20,000 years of history and the home of psy-trance

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The most popular tourist location in all of India has so much to offer to the traveler that it is hard to know where to start. People have been living there for more than twenty thousand years. Ancient rock art attests to the civilizations that once inhabited Goa. It has been home to several empires and was later colonized by the Portuguese who built cathedrals, a port and many roads and buildings. When India gained independence, the territory was returned to India.

The area is completely different, due to the fact that it was isolated for over 400 years from India. The culture is unique too. The state sees over 2 million visitors annually, attracted by it’s outstanding beaches, ancient temples and Goa trance scene. There are more than 40 miles of unbroken coastline, the most popular beach being Anjuna.

Home of the famous Anjuna market and the beach where the psy-trance generation got it’s start. Anjuna was “discovered” by hippies traveling South-East Asia in the 60’s. Goa trance, as it is known, spawned many genres of music that became popular all over the world. There is still an alternative feel here, and many tourists come just to see what all the fuss is about, while the hippies still come back year after year.

But there is much more to Goa then the trance scene. Many of the beaches are quiet and un-spoiled while some are filled with Indian holiday makers or groups of Russians. Each beach seems to have it’s own crowd. Palolem is a great choice, with fine places to eat and smaller crowds. Choose any beach to watch the sunset, where you’ll see a symphony of colors blending with the sea and sand for a view you won’t soon forget.

When the Portuguese were here they built countless churches and cathedrals in an attempt to spread Christianity. As a result, the state has more fine churches than you can imagine. Many were built in the 1600s and remain in perfect condition. There are also stunning Hindu temples and old colonial forts.

Attracted by the laid back lifestyle, amazing beaches, art and culture, many expats have chosen Goa to make their home here. It’s understandable, there is a certain charm that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. You may find Goa slightly more expensive than other parts of India, but in reality, it is still a dream destination for travelers.

The best time to visit is November to February, when the climate is dry and pleasant. Monsoon season is in June, and while it doesn’t rain all the time it is a beautiful to visit then because the countryside is lush and green and less tourists pack the beaches.


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