Karbi Youth Festival – The nerve that strengthens unity

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There is nothing more energetic than the youth. Whatever the place and whatever be the circumstance, it is the youthful energy that resounds hopefulness. A land where youth is united and stands up for the causes of masses, no invader can ever succeed in his malicious intentions. Youth is the power and celebrating youth means celebrating the power a land has. Rooted to their ethnicity, Karbis are an enthusiastic lot in the north east part of Indian subcontinent.

The Karbi Club was formed in 1961 at Rongnihang, Diphu. It was then the centre for youth and student activities where they met to discuss prepare and perform various forms of art. The club became the epicentre of preserving Karbi culture among youth which was not quite favoured by the State. This caused rebel and several unfortunate incidences of youths being put in police lock ups took place. Back in 1974, a bunch of youths were detained by police on charges of leading a street demonstration. The idea of bringing youth on large was then conceived to not just unite in few numbers for a mission but to celebrate their ethnicity and rights. The Karbi Youth Festival was born to celebrate and perform in unity of being one people and having similar causes. It is sponsored by Karbi Cultural Society and enjoys the credit of being the largest as well as the oldest ethnic festival in the north eastern India. It brings together the Karbis to rejoice their tradition mixed with modernity.

The cultural program at festival is a spectacular mix of music, fashion, art and energy. There are numerous competitions organised for the youth to bask in the glory of their origin and ethnicity. Recently, the 41st Karbi Youth Festival was organised from February 15 to February 19, 2015.

Rongketong is a traditional procession at the festival which is a ‘Hundred-Drum Ensemble’ played by the performers of the Department of Art & Culture, KAAC (Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council). The cultural events include folk dances, folk songs, folk musical instruments, modern songs & contemporary dances, extempore speech and quiz etc. for participants of different age groups. Craft competitions and traditional sports are a huge crowd puller as the participants put in their best efforts to show up the best. A Fashion Show is organised to choose Mr. & Miss KYF in a contest format. The young participants proved tough competition for each other when they turned out fancifully dressed and full of confidence. This event, in specific, sees a large roaring crowd that keeps cheering every beautiful and handsome participant. Phu-Ling-Lang is an open national level battle of the bands that makes the area appear right out of a battle as we read in mythological stories. No bloodshed and yet the air is filled with mighty power of music with one band just jazzing better than the other. Audience enjoy the band performances as it pumps up the energy level of the festival. Literary Interactions at the Karbi Youth Festival are graced by eminent speakers with excellence in their areas of work. The sessions are informative as well as motivating so that the young crowd gains maximum knowledge and advantage from them.

40th Karbi Youth Festival 2014

40th Karbi Youth Festival 2014


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  1. Prem Singh

    January 28, 2022 at 8:48 pm

    Being an adventurous person I have always had a weakness for the beautiful hills of Karbi Anglong and the beautiful Karbi people.

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