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North East India is a shopper’s paradise. The wide ethnic diversity brings a unique color and bling to the market of the region, which just cannot be surpassed. With around 40% of the region covered in forests, North East is the perfect place for splurging into wooden and bamboo handicrafts. However, once you visit northeast, the realization will stuck you that handicrafts are just a cliché to the region. This is because the markets north east offer you numerous souvenirs that are unique to the region, and just beyond compare. All you need is a keen eye, and your bag will be filled with souvenirs of all kinds for your friends and family.

We have listed down for you a few souvenirs to get from the north east region. Do keep them in mind on your next trip.

  1. Silk


    Indian silk is not limited to only Kanjivaram and Varanasi. Visit north east and you will know why. Assam is home to three indigenous silks- Muga, Pat and Eri, that is unique to the region, and not found anywhere else in the world. These silk are universally famous for its luster and durability. The muga silk has a shiny golden brown color and is mostly used for making mekhela chador (the traditional assamese dress for females), although one can also find sarees, kurta and kurtis as well. The pat silk is originally off white in color and has a smoother texture than Muga, but it can be dyed to get different colors. The Eri silk is a bit coarse and is mostly used to make shawls. Slightly big on budget, buying an Assam silk clothing is perhaps the best souvenir you can buy from this region. A silk mekhela chadar is definitely worth a splurge for someone close to your heart. Just make sure you visit an authentic silk showroom to get the best deal.

  2. Pickle


    Yes that’s true. Pickles are an integral part of north eastern cuisine, and each state has its own specialty. However, unlike rest of the India, pickles here are devoid of spices, and are soaked just in mustard oil, plain salt or just vinegar, which gives them a musky smell and a lip smacking tangy taste. Be it of lemon, dried fish, pork, beef, chicken, bamboo shoots, bhoot jolokia (Ghost Pepper), sesame, yam; you can find pickles of almost everything in the market. Pick ne according to your tatse and keep the taste in your kitchen intact. Better and rich variants are generally found in the daily/weekly local markets, but you can grab one from any departmental store as well. Make sure the lid is solid tight, because most times, these pickles are home-made and may come with not so sturdy containers.

  3. Tea


    The trip to north east isn’t complete without CTC Assam tea. The greatest producer of tea in India, it wouldn’t be too shallow of you to grab a dozen packets of tea as a souvenir from North east. However, make sure that you but CTC labeled tea only from tea emporiums. The packets sold in the market are of inferior quality, often left off after the good quality is exported.

  4. Shawls


    Actually, Naga shawls to be specific. Second to its widely smoked pork, Nagaland is also known for its exquisite range of woollen shawls. Unique to this state, these shawls have fine hand-made embroidery works which depict the tribal culture of the region. If you are visiting the state during the winters, this one is a must buy for you. Available in all sizes and colors, these shawls are best for homely coziness while travelling.

  5. Handicraft


    The best souvenir ever. As mentioned earlier, the north eastern states are the hub of bamboo, cane and wooden handicrafts. From furniture to show pieces, every state displays a unique range of handicraft, which are too spectacular to overlook. Grab hold of something that can fit into your luggage and you are good to go.

    Tip- Buy something that is indigenous to the region. For example, Japi from Assam, wooden Buddhist inscription masks from Arunachal, floor mats from Meghalaya are some that you can oh-so-lovingly display in your living room.

Apart from these, you can buy stuffs like Assamese Gamusa (hand-woven assamese towel), brass utensils (these too are unique to Assam) and wooden sculptures of rhinoceros, Buddha etc.

We hope this article was helpful to you and you took the best souvenirs back home.


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