Nature’s lap awaits you at Nameri National Park

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Surrounded by deep woods in foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, Nameri National Park is spread over an area of 200 sq.kms of moist deciduous forests. The tributaries of River Jia – Bhoroli namely the Doigurung, Diji, Dinai, Dikorai, Nameri, Khari etc. dot the area magnificently. Nameri is truly a nature’s blessing to the mankind.

In year 1998, Nameri was declared a National Park by the Government of Assam.

In Sonitpur district of Assam, India, it is located around 40 kms away from Tezpur. On its North east side lies Pakhui Sanctuary of Arunachal Pradesh. Together they offer a marvellous site for nature lovers. With over 300 species of birds, it is a paradise for bird lovers.

The variety of animals and birds found in Nameri make it an unforgettable experience for tourists. Khallej Pheasant, Great Pied Hornbill, King Vulture, Three Toed kingfisher, Pin tailed green Pigeon, Fairly Blue Bird, Himalayan pied Kingfisher etc. are treat to eyes. The picturesque woods and rare wildlife add excitement among tourists. Whether you choose a safari ride or trekking in the park, the experience will last a lifetime. Wildlife photographers and individuals seeking connect with nature visit the park in large numbers.

Nameri is also a home to several reptiles including King cobra, Russels Viper, Rat Snake, Python, Malayan Box Turtle, Keeled Box turtle, Indian soft Shelled Turtle, etc. These species are so rare to be found otherwise that a trip to Nameri appears to be truly from the heaven above.

Tourists also enjoy watching Tiger, Himalayan Black Bear, Leopard, Clouded Leopard, Black Panther, Elephant, Barking Deer, Hispid Hare, Fox, Indian Hare, Slow Loris, Rhesus Macaque, Malayan giant Squirrel, Flying Squirrel etc. The rich wildlife in its most natural habitat helps appreciate the nature and its miracles.

Safari ride is a wonderful way to explore the park in a safe and guided way. The vehicles carry guides along who share great stories about the place. A story weaved around the nature’s exquisite piece is a remarkable memory to take back home. Alternatively, tourists with an adventurous choice may choose to trek through the woods.

Assam has four typical Indian season i.e. summer, winter, spring and monsoon. This makes the transitional months from November to April the most pleasant months to visit the park. Clear blue sky and bright sunshine is enjoyable by the wildlife, too. This makes them easily visible while venturing through the park.

Nameri is easy to reach through all modes of travel – air, rail and road. From both Guwahati and Jorhat airport, it is approximately 200+ kms. From Guwahati railway station the park is almost 200 kms away. The driving time is approximately 3 to 4 hours. Local means of transport like tourism buses and cabs ply on the route. Cabs on hire are easily available at airport and railway station.

A stay at Nameri is delightful. Tourists have several options for accommodation facilities that range from luxury hotels and resorts to very economical setups. To name a few, tourists may choose resorts like Wild Mahseer for luxury facilities. In deluxe range, Prashaanti cottages are rated high by tourists. For an economical option, Eco camp is a place liked by most of the adventurous tourists. The accommodation facilities are usually maintained by Assam tourism authority. Tourists rate them high in cleanliness and quality of service. The food served in local restaurants caters to the international taste of tourists. The local cuisines however, are a must try. They are made with local spices and taste great.

Local shops near the park sell catchy hand crafted souvenirs that are a craze among tourists.

Guides and escorts are easily available and they definitely make your trip well organized and enjoyable. Plan a trip to the nature’s paradise and you sure will learn to appreciate it better!


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