Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary – The Rhinos’ home

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Do you fancy watching a Rhino close by? Imagine yourself on an elephant taking a ride through the wild and you spot a Rhino! Or maybe even four or five of them! Excited? Read on to find out what awaits you at Assam, an Indian state in the north east part of the country. A perfect combination of local flavour and fervour coupled with outstanding natural beauty makes Assam an exciting holiday destination.

In the beautiful state of Assam in India, Rhinos have found a safe and happy home at Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. In an area as small as 15 km2, approximately 80 Rhinos are officially listed. Strolling in their natural habitat, they are a delightful view for the tourists. Safe and secure in their natural habitat, these Rhinos enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries.

Pobitora is located in a typical hilly terrain of lush woods that is characteristic of Assam. Gentle slopes and rivers add to the wildlife’s natural habitat. Although smallest in area among all wildlife parks in Assam, it is visited by large number of tourists. It has the benefit of its location midway Guwahati and Kaziranga. It is also a quick getaway for local residents.

When at Pobitora, tourists may choose to either take a jeep safari or an elephant ride into the park. When venturing through the park, the Rhinos are easily visible and that too in good numbers. If you choose an elephant ride, you may actually watch the Rhinos close by and admire their graceful gait. Besides Rhinos, the sanctuary also houses other animals like feral semi wild buffalo, jackal and wild boar. They together offer a picturesque view of animals and woods.

Pobitora is a favoured destination for tourists travelling to Kaziranga national park also. As a standalone destination, too, it is much sought after for the Rhinos. The best time of the year to visit Pobitora is from October to April. The pleasant weather in these months makes the trip more enjoyable as animals are also out in the open to enjoy the sunshine and cool breeze.

It is close to Guwahati, approximately 48 kms from the city. Tourists travelling by air are connected through Guwahati airport. Those travelling by train are connected through Guwahati railway station. Tourists can easily take cabs on hire or buses plying on the route from railway station or airport to Pabitora. The buses run by Assam tourism corporation are frequently run and is a stopover for buses running between Kaziranga from Guwahati.

Tourists visiting Pobitora may choose to stay either in Guwahati city or nearby Kaziranga, as their plan may be. Both these places offer numerous accommodation facilities in wide range of charges and service. Luxurious resorts, hotels, budget hotels and guest houses, camps etc. are all available to choose from. These facilities are maintained by the Assam tourism corporation and are highly rated by tourists for their cleanliness and service.

Local restaurants offer food of international taste. The local cuisines are offered by the restaurants nearby Pobitora. They taste great and tourists savour the local spices and recipes. Souvenirs from the trip can be bought at local shops.


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