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The Regional Science Museum, situated at Khanapara is one of the most important educational facilities in the state, designed to enlighten, educate and entertain visitors with the history and future of science and technology. Established in 1994, the museum has interactive exhibits on science education and pre-historic life along with activity driven non-formal science education exhibits for all spectrum of population.

It is one of the favorite places for the kids and learners and a great tourist attraction of Assam in the making. Here science comes alive with a vivacious science park with an adjacent Prehistoric park, 3D science movies, science shows. The indoor and outdoor shows like the mirror magic, Fun science, Children’s corner, Butterfly corner, large aquarium, and many more present you an experience based science education in a unique way. A small collection of local/imported (like piranha) fishes too is there, which is a fine add-on. It also houses scientific developments and contributions by Indian scientists and Nobel Laureates. Wonderful scientific stuffs pushes one’s brain to do high workout.

Science Demonstration Lectures are conducted in the Auditorium of the science centre for public as well as students.
At present the Science Demonstration Lecture (SDL) are conducted on following topics like Electricity and Magnetism, Fun with Physics, Magnet and its Effect, Mathematics and Geometry, Cell and Cell Division, Mandel’s law, Phyllotaxy, Ecosystem. The two new SDL introduced in the centre are ‘Dinosaurs’ and ‘Wonder Materials’.

Magic and Miracle Show

Even in the present day superstitious practices are being followed amongst educated class as well. This show is an effort to eradicate superstitions from the minds of the people.

Super Cold

A show full of fun and thrill and a learning experience of the science of super cold. Various materials exhibit abnormal characteristics under extremely cold conditions and this is shown with Liquid nitrogen, which boils at – 196 degree Celsius. Ticket Rs.5/- per head.

3D Show

Regional Science Centre, Guwahati is the proud owner of first ever stereoscopic digital 3D cinema projection facility in the North-East. This state of art technology uses polarizer to trick our eyes to see 3D movies. Crazy movies when seen through special goggles comes out of screen and provides thrilling and eerie experience.

Digital Planetarium another highlight of the Regional Science Centre makes audience are acquainted with night sky, stars and many other celestial facts. Seating capacity of 20 with regular shows at 12noon and 3pm is one of the most popular and attractive show among the visitors. Schools group can book these shows in advance. The planetarium show is daily projected on any one of the following topics like Cosmic Safari, Wonders,Invaders of Mars, Secret of the Sun, Seven Wonder.

Sky Observation

Regular sky observation programmes are conducted subject to clear sky. In this programme visitors/tourists can observe celestial objects like – Planets, Moon, Comets etc. through a 6″ Refractive Telescope.

TV Shows

A special effect TV studio with state of art chroma-keying facility is another jewel in the armory of Regional Science Centre. A chroma key is a technique used in film, video and still photography to replace a portion of one image with a new image. This is usually used to replace a coloured background with a different setting. A special computer software makes it possible to overlap two images. It’s an entertainment to the hilt. One can also get his photograph on the spot.
The Butterfly Park at the centre enables the students who are curious to know more on the life cycle of a butterfly.
Regional Science Centers facilitates the local /from other districts of the state as well as students of North East to participate in various programmes conducted by them.

Hobby Camp

The Regional Science Centre, Khanapara has also introduced hobby camps for the students so that they can spend their summer vacations fruitfully.The main purpose of these camps are to help the students learn how to make projects. It is a nodal point for all those students who have desire to explore science by practically doing experiment in a fun-filled way. The instructors will help the students to make small models on certain scientific topics and also guide them how to think holistically while working on a project. These camps are enjoyable, as one has to spend only two-and-a-half-hours every day. These camps enable the students to learn a lot of things on their own.

Mobile Science Exhibition

Science Centre acts as a bridge between scientific & technological institutions and the society. Science centres keep the public updated about the progress made in various fields of science & technology. As most of the science centres / museums are in big cities, the mobile science exhibition (MSE) programme caters to the rural populace specially rural students. The exhibition unit consists of 20 participatory exhibits mounted on a Bus of Size 26’x8’x11’. The Exhibition unit moves from place to place covering 10 sites in a single tour.

State Level Science Fair and engineering fair are held in the premises of Regional Science Centre, Guwahati during December-January. Students from all the districts of Assam participate in the fair with their innovative models on the theme given. Prizes will be given to selected models. All participants will get participation certificates at end of the programme. Regional Science Centre will provide lodging and boarding to all participating students and escort teacher during the Fair.

State Level Science Seminar

State Level Science Seminar is conducted every year in the month of August.The objective of the Science Seminar is to inculcate a spirit of scientific temper and analytical thinking in the minds of young students.

Science Drama

The aim of this programme is to encourage the students, teachers and other science communicators to explore and experiment with the dramatic form as a means of scienctific communication. Theatre or Drama is an age old tradition of our society used for entertainment and recreation .It is also a medium of social interaction to put across the social message.
Science Drama Competition is thus an excellent platform not only for showcasing juvenile artistic creativity but also for using the medium of drama as a potent tool for dealing with socio-scientific issues of current importance in our society.

Teachers Training

Regional Science Centre conducts Teachers Training Programmes every year during summer holidays for the benefit of teachers. This training helps science teachers in making low cost teaching kits and also how to use these kits in class room teaching. Interested teachers can participate in this programme through their institutional heads

Computer Training

Four numbers of computer training programmes are organized ever year on the basics of computers and their functions especially for senior citizens, house wives and students.


The Centre is having an air conditioned auditorium with more than 150 seating capacity. The programmes like Science Shows, Science Demonstration Lectures and many other educational programmes are conducted in this Auditorium hall. Educational institutes are also allowed to use the hall on rent basis subject to availability.


The Centre has a dedicated Library with more than 10000 books and journals.

People can enjoy picnic to the centre in an exclusively earmarked area. With provision of cooking facility and open dining area the facility is an invitation to the picnic goers.

Opening Timings

The Centre remains open for visitors from 10am to 5:30pm everyday, except on ‘Holi’ and ‘Diwali’.

Entry fee: Rs.20 per person, Rs.10 per person for organized student groups (*bring a letter from the Head of the Institute)
Entry is free for the Police and Military personnel in uniform and the physically challenged and children below 3 years of age.

Fine place for any curious mind and definitely a place of visit in Guwahati after having satiated one’s mind with the culture, spiritualism and sculpture. Entry fee is negligible with show tickets low as Rs.5. The Cafeteria facility available in the ground floor of the Regional Science Centre can be availed by visitors to enjoy their favourite dishes, fast food etc. Accessibility from Railway Station, Airport and ISBT is easy as both public and private hired vehicles ply frequently in the area.



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