Top 10 Places to visit in Sikkim

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Sikkim, a North Eastern state in India is a paradise. This state has the best of natural beauty with carpeted hills and white idyllic set ups. There are numerous tourist sites which just look so picture perfect that they leave the traveller spell bound. Unique flora and fauna of the place add to the prettiness of the place further. There are some very beautiful Buddhist monasteries which are famous tourist attractions. Also, offering a challenging terrain and other adventure options, Sikkim is ideal for adventure enthusiasts too.

Today, we bring to you the top ten places to visit on a Sikkim sojourn:

  1. Gangtok: Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim. Staying in this city, relaxing and easing out is an idea of a perfect vacation. Located at an elevation that is much above the sea level, this city offers a mesmerizing view of the Kanchenjunga mountain peak. Also since Sikkim is one of the three states in India which allows operation of casinos, therefore, casinos here are a hit among the holiday-goers. You can try and lure the lady luck over here. Hanuman Tok, a Hindu temple is another popular tourist attraction in Gangtok.
  2. Nathu La: This is a mountain pass through the Himalayan mountain ranges that paves the way to and from Tibet before being closed in 1962 (the year in which Sino-Indian war was fought) and again being re-opened in 2006. A permit is required to visit this pass which can be obtained from the Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation. Best time to visit this pass is summer time i.e. from May to October. Things to see at the Nathu La site are a war memorial, also an army exhibition centre.
  3. Wildlife Sanctuaries and Natural Parks: Sikkim has plenty of flora and fauna which is a major attraction for the tourists. There are special protected areas demarcated by the authorities like Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary and Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary which have about 40 species of strikingly multi-chromatic rhododendron on display. There are many species of beautiful butterflies and moths which can also be found in Sikkim. Apart from all this, this state has a climate which supports some very exotic varieties of avifauna species interesting the bird watchers greatly.
  4. Monasteries: Buddhist monasteries in Sikkim have a serene and pleasing view. They look picture perfect to such an extent that some TV programs and Bollywood films have been shot here. For the people who are Buddhism followers, these are must visit places. And not only for people who belong to this faith but for the people who want to know more about the faith can pay a visit here. The colourful festivals celebrated in these monasteries make them look more splendid. Temple art enthusiasts can visit the Karma Kagyu monastery where 200 year old mural art exists.
  5. Yuksom Trek: Sikkim as highlighted above provides very challenging terrain for trekking. Yuksom trek in Sikkim is a shorter trek but no less than others when it comes to giving an adrenaline rush. This trek paves the way for Mount Kunchenjunga trek. It is ideal for the hikers who wish to explore much more in a very short span of time. At the end of the trek, the feeling of accomplishment on conquering the hills will be out of this world trust us!
  6. Pelling: This is a resplendent countryside town which looks just mesmerizing at dawn. Looking at mount Kunchenjunga from this town in the morning when the birds start chirruping is something that you will remember for the whole of your life. Buddhist monasteries here are an attractive feature apart from the natural sights. History cravers can find here the ruins of Rabdentse. This was the erstwhile capital of the dynasty of Sikkim.
  7. Ravangla: This is a place which is extremely famous for the Buddha Park. This park looks very eye pleasing as the acreage is covered with properly manicured and maintained green grass. In the middle of the grass stands a 130 ft. tall grand statue of Gautam Buddha that is gold in colour. Palchen Choeling Monastic Institute in Ravangala also houses a magnificent statue of Buddha. Chanting voices of the monks coming from this institute reverberating in the atmosphere give much needed relief to soul and mind.
  8. River rafting in Teesta: Another adventure sport which you can enjoy in Sikkim apart from trekking and hiking is river rafting. Ideal time for rafting in Sikkim is from March to May or from October to December. Certain stretches in river Teesta are ideal for rafting. While rafting, the fresh water splashing on your face from the river gives a refreshing retreat from the wear and tear inflicted on the body. “Makha- Sirwani- Bardang- Rongpo” this is the major route for rafting. Beaches running besides the river are perfect for relaxing and easing out after rafting.
  9. Namchi: Namchi is also famous for its grand statues. One of such is the statue of Guru Padmasambhava which is a Buddha statue that is 140 ft. tall (even taller than the statue in the Buddha park in Ravangla). Another such statue is the statue of Lord Shiva (destroyer force in the Hindu trinity of Gods). The height of this statue is 108 ft. One of the other striking features is that this statue of Lord Shiva has replicas of Hindu pilgrim sites around it.
  10. Zuluk: This is a tourist destination which does not figure up as a popular one as it has remained relatively unexplored when compared to others. It is a small hamlet tucked away on an elevation of 10,000 ft. An off the track destination, this has a lot of Homestays to welcome the guests in a homely environment with scrumptious delicacies prepared using domestic culinary art. Travellers would be amazed to know that Zuluk remains covered with wildflowers from August to September until snow comes and paints the town in pure white!

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    It’s really an untouched, spiritual and colourful Place…….Thanks for sharing such a nice information…….

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    July 12, 2018 at 3:56 pm

    Very nice Post thanks for sharing about this top 10 places to visit in sikkim
    and its really helpful for me i will also list these places for tourists

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